Management flexibility & high system security

ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions and IKON, the specialist in locks systems since 1926, further evolve locking systems, the CLIQ technology.

The CLIQ technology is future-oriented, providing management flexibility, high system security, making it the ideal solution for almost any application.

  • No wiring required
  • Power supply from conventional low-cost batteries within the key
  • Safety is maintained if one key is lost
  • Simple programming unlocking rights even from a mobile phone
  • Assigning user based permissions
  • No tools are required to change the battery
  • Certified cylinders & keys for potentially explosive areas
  • cylinder models for doors, gates, windows, retractable or caps, machines, mailboxes, padlocks etc. (for outdoor installation)
  • Available keys with integrated transponder chip (optional Legic, Legic Advant, MIFARE®, MIFARE® DESFire® or EM 4102)

A strong locking system


The core of the new, the purely electronic eCLIQ locking system is the unique, innovative technology of the lock cylinder.By initializing and its structure, the lock cylinder eCLIQ offers a compact size and security that has never been achieved until now.

The eCLIQ key is also a real innovation, with high durability and excellent, distinctive design. Equipped with the latest generation chip, the entire eCLIQ system is faster, stronger, safer and more efficient than conventional locking systems.

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High quality system for demanding applications


There are some cases that require a lot of a locking system, sometimes a lot more than what a purely mechanical system can offer. There are also some performance characteristics that may be alone offers a mechatronic locking system.

Such a locking system is VERSO CLIQ, where sophisticated microelectronics and intelligent data encryption have been integrated into mechanical excel quality cylinder lock system. The VERSO CLIQ is the high-end version of locking systems and meets strict standards for security, flexibility and convenience.

Moreover, VERSO CLIQ is proving to be a cost-effective solution from the outset – when requirements increase, the locking system is extended, access authorizations are changed or, above all, when keys are lost.

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eCLIQ – Simply electronic – A powerful locking system

IKON CLIQ – Remote Web Manager