1. Purpose of this policy

This policy explains how the undertaking collects information relating to its visitors/users and how it uses them to satisfy its commercial policy and regulatory requirements.

It also outlines certain security measures taken by the undertaking in order to protect data confidentiality and provides certain guarantees for things the company will not do.

2. Legal and regulatory framework

The management and protection of the personal data of visitors/users of the services provided by the undertaking are subject to the terms of this section and the relevant provisions of General Data Protection Regulation [EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Regulation (EU) 2016/679] on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, as supplemented by decisions of the President of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority and other relevant laws and provisions.

These terms are formulated in view of the rapid development of technology, and particularlythe internet, as well as the existing – albeit not fully developed – set of legal regulations relating to these issues. In this context, any future relevant regulation will be the subject of this section. In any event, the undertaking reserves the right to change the terms of personal data protection after informing visitors/users within the existing or any future legal framework.

If visitors/users do not not agree with the terms of personal data protection provided for in this section, they must refrain from using the services of enterprises.

3. Commitment

The undertaking considers the protection of the privacy and data of visitors/users to be of the utmost importance and is committed to providing all visitors/users with personalised services that meet their requirements in a manner that safeguards their privacy.

4. Collection of personal information

Certain of your personal information is collected from various sources, including:

(a) from you, when you agree to receive a service from our undertaking, which, in this case, may include your personal and/or business contact details;

(b) from you, when you contact our undertaking with a request for information; and

(c) from publicly available sources.

5. Intellectual and industrial property rights

Other than the exceptions expressly referred to (copyright of third parties, affiliates and bodies), the entire content of the website of the undertaking, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings and texts, the services provided and, generally speaking, all files of this website, constitute the intellectual property, registered trademarks and service marks of the undertaking and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international treaties. Consequently, none of the above, whether in part or in whole, may be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished or downloaded, transmitted or distributed in any way.

6. Use of information

The information you provide to and held by the undertaking may be used:

(a) to ascertain your identity when you ask questions,

(b) to help us manage affairs and communicate with you in order to improve the management of the services that were, are being or will be provided by the undertaking,

(c) to carry out marketing analysis and create customer profiles and statistical information,

(d) to help the undertaking prevent and identify fraud or loss,

(e) to contact you using any means (including post, e-mail, telephone, etc.) in regard to other services and products offered by the undertaking and select, authorised associates,

(f) to provide you with specialised services, as regards tracing your order to be delivered by us for dispatch until its collection on your part.

7. Use of e-mail and text messages

In order to use the contact form on our website and to conclude any electronic transaction, you may be asked to provide the following details:

(a) Full name;

(b) Registered name of the undertaking, where necessary;

(c) Address / Registered Office – Postal Code – Telephone number (mobile and landline) – City – Country; and

(d) E-mail address.

These data are not disclosed to third parties.

The undertaking maintains a file with the above e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, and may send informational, financial and promotional messages to the holders of the e-mail address and telephone numbers unless the latter do not consent.

Each use of the e-mail address by the holder shall be accompanied by a notice informing them of the security and protection of the data sent or received and the troubleshooting of relevant problems or issues.

8. Disclosure of information

In no case does our undertaking distribute your personal data to third parties. In no case does our undertaking sell or rent your personal data to third parties. These data are used exclusively by our undertaking in order to continuously improve our customer service. Your data may be forwarded only to associated companies providing courier services in order to notify you of the progress of the dispatch of your order, provided you agree with this service when accepting this policy. The company may disclose information solely if legitimately requested for legal or regulatory purposes in the context of judicial proceedings or potential legal proceedings.

9. Protection of information

Our undertaking employs strict security and control measures to protect your personal information. This includes a number of administrative measures, security policies, procedures and practices in order to (including but not limited to) verify your identity when you call us, creation of data backup copies off-site, in order to ensure compliance with all legal requirements. The information you provide will be stored for the necessary period of time, which shall not be less than six (6) years and for the entire duration of our cooperation, and for a further ten (10) years after our cooperation has ended.

10. Internet Access

If you contact our undertaking via the Internet, then we may occasionally use e-mail to contact you regarding our services. Please be aware that communications over the Internet, including but not limited to e-mail messages, are not secure unless they have been encrypted. The undertaking bears no liability whatsoever for any unauthorised access or loss of your personal information that is beyond its control.

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11. What are your rights?

In accordance with the new regulation on General Data Protection (EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Regulation (EU) 2016/679), as in force, you have the right to information, access and objection. In other words, you have the right to receive, upon request, free information on the personal data we have stored relating to you. Furthermore, you have the right to object, upon request, to the processing of data relating to you, valid thenceforth. Additionally, under the applicable legal provisions, you have the right to rectification, restriction and erasure of the data in question. In such cases, please contact the competent Personal Data Protection department of the undertaking listed below in writing or via e-mail.

12. Applicable law and other terms

The above terms and conditions of use of the undertaking, as well as any amendment, modification or alteration thereof, are governed and supplemented by Greek law, EU law and the relevant international treaties. Should any of the above provisions become incompatible with the law, it shall automatically cease to apply and shall be removed, without in any way affecting the validity of the remaining terms. This text constitutes the entire agreement between the company and visitors/users of the website and its services, and is only binding on them. No amendment to these terms shall be taken into consideration and shall constitute a part hereof unless worded in writing and incorporated herein.

13. Contact

If you have questions concerning the above personal data protection policy, please contact us at:

Mesogeion Avenue 224 & Aetidon 2
GR 155 61 Holargos, Attica
E-mail: info@atermon.gr


Last updated: 24/5/2018