Parking Management System / Charged PDA Parking

The PDA parking management system consists of devices and equipment designed to meet the needs of manned car parking facilities.

System operation is designed to ensure that any occasional or regular client may enter the parking station and obtain an entry ticket from the cashier or the parking assistant.

The ticket displays a barcode and all tax information necessary for registration /entry of the vehicles in the station and in the register of incoming/outgoing vehicles.

parking-management-2The driver may obtain a ticket in two ways.

From the station’s cashier. In this case the driver appears at the station cashier after having delivered his vehicle. There, the cashier enters all necessary information in the software and issues a ticket through a thermal printer.

From the parking assistant who takes delivery of the vehicle. In this case the parking assistant must carry a special portable terminal. This way he will be able to issue and deliver an entry ticket to the client after taking delivery of the vehicle either inside the station or on the street.

This reduces substantially vehicle delivery and client service times and allows for thorough computerisation of the station’s operations by parking assistants supplied with special portable terminals.

Mobile-Ticket-MachinesIn both cases each vehicle is registered in the station’s database and entered in the parking log in compliance with the tax code regulations applicable to parking stations. Upon exit the client delivers the ticket to the cashier, who can then enter the vehicle details and charge the client using a barcode reader or by entering the vehicle information in the software.

Upon payment of the applicable charges the client’s details are entered in the database and in the parking log and a payment receipt is issued to the client.

The software supporting this application allows the user to register regular clients, generate statistics, draw up detailed price lists, integrate car wash services etc.

The terminal is an independent portable device comprising a monitor, a keyboard, a printer, a number plate reader, a wireless network card, a Windows CE operating system and parking software.


The data recorded by the user are transmitted to and classified in the database for further processing and updating of the parking log.

The terminal integrates a number plate reader for registration of the incoming vehicle details.

The operator holding the terminal enters the vehicle’s number plate and issuers an entry ticket through the integrated printer.

The data are transmitted to and entered in the data base and at the same time the vehicle’s entry is recorded/printed in the parking log. The overall entry process takes merely a few seconds.