EasyTime. Reliable and Cost-efficient

eady-timeReliable, modern, integrated, cost-efficient and very easy to use, EasyTime™ is a valuable tool that helps minimise payroll calculation times, while at the same time helps developing businesses organise their HR Management more efficiently.

It integrates our over 18 years of experience in use and development of similar systems. Over 2000 businesses and organisations in Greece are already using EasyTime™ on a daily basis and enjoy the benefits it offers.

The system carries out, among others, the following tasks:

  • Records all staff movement (entries-exits) with the assistance of a specialised electronic attendance clock or the PC keyboard;
  • Calculates precisely each employee’s working time on a daily basis or at such other time intervals as you may select;
  • Monitors compliance with the applicable work schedule, shifts etc.;
  • Records at all times: all employees present at the workplace, those absent and the reasons of their absence (leave, sickness, unjustified absence, off-base occupation etc.);
  • Records and calculates regular working hours, overtime, night work or work on holidays;
  • Enables you to monitor several remote installations at the same time, through a network;
  • Prints out detailed reports meeting all requirements;
  • Extracts all findings of the reports to Microsoft Excel;
  • Generates a file with calculation results to enter its data to the Payroll software or the HRMS.

10 reasons that make EasyTime™ a valuable tool for every developing enterprise.


  1. Records reliably each employee’s Entry and Exit time to and from their workplace;
  2. Is objective; Reports and calculates each employee’s actual working hours eliminating bias;
  3. Promotes discipline and creates a sense of fairness among the staff;
  4. Offers thorough knowledge of all information relating to staff Entries and Exits;
  5. Is fast and cost-efficient, as all calculations, e.g. total daily working hours, overtime work, night work, work on holidays etc. are made by EasyTime™ automatically and of course without errors;
  6. Offers security. All data relating to staff movements are entered in a data base on the PC and are not exposed to open view, unlike paper card clocks or signed attendance lists.
  7. Prepares the data for fast and accurate Payroll calculation;
  8. Keeps data available. All data are at all times available on the data base for further processing or inspection;
  9. Enables the employer to examine the data regularly in conjunction with other aspects, and draw valuable conclusions on staff costs;
  10. Allows for registration of the personal records of employees, including all basic information; Enables the employer to monitor employee leaves, absences and staff expenses. These features, which are normally only offered by large and expensive HR management systems, make EasyTime™ even more valuable to small enterprises, as they offer a low-cost, integrated, user-friendly tool which helps them organise and efficiently manage their most valuable asset: Their Human Resources.

EasyTime™ consists of the following:

  1. An electronic staff attendance clock, which is installed at staff entry-exit points; The attendance clocks supplied with EasyTime™ are connected directly to the network. The EasyTime™ attendance clocks comes with a magnetic card reader or proximity reader (Proximity EM 125 Khz or Mifare).
  2. The EasyTime™ time and attendance software, which is installed on the Staff Manager’s PC or on a server;
  3. IDs (magnetic cards or proximity cards) supplied to all employees. These IDs help the system recognise each employee.