Parking Management System / Free Parking

Thanks to our many years of experience in Parking systems, we were able to develop a versatile parking management system. This pioneer system addresses the needs of parking facilities made available free of charge to the clients of particular installations.

The facility owner can be sure that free parking is only enjoyed by his clients. The software is designed to meet the needs of each individual client.

Description of a typical barcode system

The parking area comprises one entrance and one exit.


The entrance is equipped with a vehicle access barrier with induction loops and light sensors. This means that although incoming vehicles can enter the area freely, they cannot exit the facility.

The driver/client needs to obtain from the facility’s cashier a ticket bearing a unique barcode cashier to exit the facility.

Such unique barcode is generated, printed out and validated by a software installed on one of the facility’s PCs.

The staff or client can generate automatically a ticket bearing a unique barcode by pressing a button.

The exit will also be equipped with a barrier operating with induction loops and light sensors, activated by an exit terminal. The exit terminal comprises a barcode reader.

The client will need to insert the ticket bearing the barcode to the exit terminal reader, which will lift the barrier if the barcode is valid.

  1. Exit Terminal: A special, elegant device comprising a barcode reader, a message display screen and an intercom interface to accommodate the drivers.
  2. Barrier: Professional-use electromechanical barrier with a 3-meter bar
  3. Barcode software and equipment: Barcode generation/checking/validation software Barcode reader, printer, button and circuit activating the bar upon entry and exit.
  4. Induction loops: A logical unit and induction cables for scanning of metal objects. Induction loops prevent the entry or exit of more than one vehicle at a time. This way they prevent the exit of several vehicles through use of a single barcode. They also allow a flow of vehicles in one direction preventing the exit of vehicles through the two entrances.
  5. Light sensors: Pair of light sensors with bases. Light sensors are used as supplement to the induction loops to prevent the barrier from landing on pedestrians or motorcyclists (who are not recognised by the induction loops) or on immobilised vehicles (in extremely rare situations).
  1. Entrance terminal: Comprises a message display screen, a barrier lifting button and an intercom interface to communicate with the drivers.
  2. Button console: Three-position button console (up-down-stop) for remote handling of the barrier.
  3. Vehicle counting system: A system which counts the vehicles and displays the number of free parking spaces on a LED panel.
  4. Computer
  5. Public information signs
  6. LED lights: LED lights adjusted to the barrier arm for better signalling.
  7. CCTV system