Design, installation and support of information systems are particularly demanding tasks.

Atermon Systems possesses all necessary know-how as well as well-trained human resources to carry out and support all of our projects in a responsible and reliable manner.

Having client satisfaction as our main priority, we try to reward our clients for their investment by ensuring efficient and smooth operation of our systems and responding instantly to all of their needs.

Our services are distinguished into two categories as follows:

In close cooperation with our clients, we analyse their needs and suggest the optimum solution for each client, with due regard to the applicable time and cost limitations.

We implement, install and deliver each solution in a fully operative status, in strict compliance with all stipulated terms.

We offer integrated training solutions to our clients during initial installation of our systems and also through direct and flexible after-sales support procedures.

We regularly organise Training Seminars on Human Resources Management, Payroll, Labour Laws and other Organisation and Security topics.

Our speakers are the most reputable in the industry and have all necessary academic and scientific background as well as substantial experience, from their long, practical engagement in the industry and in the real market.

Offering integrated support is the corner stone of our corporate philosophy. Ensuring the efficient operation of every system we install is an absolute priority for us.

We guarantee smooth operation of all solutions and prompt response in case of failure, always within a few hours.

More specifically, our support services include the following:

  1. Telephone Support
  2. Remote Support
  3. On-site visits within a few hours
  4. Preventive maintenance and service
  5. Software Upgrades
  6. Response to Special Demands