Pioneer CCTV Surveillance solutions

Modern CCTV systems are extremely useful in terms of crime/disaster prevention and crime investigation. Such usefulness is confirmed on a daily basis, as CCTV systems contribute substantially to the security of all modern communities.

This is why CCTV technologies are evolving rapidly.

Atermon Systems has been installing CCTV systems to enterprises and organisations of the private and public sector of any field of activity since 1996. We monitor closely all developments in this field and we are able to offer the most valued and reliable solutions in the global market.

High-Technology Solutions for all demands

We currently offer a broad range of high-technology solutions, able to meet all demands: We are equally able to install a single IP camera to monitor the interior of a small store or a broad camera network to monitor all insatllations of larger facilities, such as:

  • Enterprises and organisations
  • Logistics centres
  • Port facilities
  • Airport facilities
  • Military installations
  • Department stores-malls
  • Tourist facilities – hotels

Cameras for all demands

Thanks to our broad collaboration network with manufacturers, we are able to offer camera solutions which integrate all modern technologies. After assessing thoroughly the needs of each installation, we use the most appropriate materials to meet their requirements. Our solutions include:

  • Analog and IP cameras
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Megapixel cameras
  • Vandal resistant cameras
  • Thermal cameras
  • 360° cameras

Depending on the needs of each installation, we use the appropriate software to achieve the desired results. Apart from simple image recording software, we use advanced video analytics software comprising instant messaging/alarm signalling features, such as:

  • Motion detection
  • Behaviour Analysis
  • Object detection
  • Person or object recognition (where use of the system is permitted)
  • Smoke or fire detection in controlled forest areas
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR)

In a constant effort to meet the needs of our clients and utilise our long experience and substantial know-how, we have integrated several of our CCTV solutions with our Access Control & Security systems. We have also integrated our CCTV solutions with our Time & Attendance Management solutions.

We can design and implement integrated solutions, including CCTV, Access control, turnstile systems, parking systems, Building Security and HR Management systems, all integrated with each other, to boost the functionality and efficiency of the overall solution offered.

Our global collaboration network allows us to offer products and solutions of the leading manufacturers worldwide.













Contact us and let us present you our proposals.

We are equally able to meet the simplest needs and most sophisticated CCTV requirements. Contact us if you have any needs in CCTV solutions. Our experienced and expertly trained technicians will visit your premises and record your requirements thoroughly so that we can offer you the most appropriate solution to your needs.

For us, each client is special. Our main objective is to offer each client the solution which best meets their needs.