Atermon Systems has timely upgraded the software of its Time & Attendance Management solutions to provide the ability to communicate with the ERGANI I.S. for the notification of the start and end time of work for each employee.

Law 4808/2021 on Labour Protection established the Digital Working Hours and the Digital Work Card.

The aim of their enforcement is to ensure the implementation of working hours and overtime as there will be an obligation, gradually, for all companies that employ staff, for the daily and immediate, real-time notification to the ERGANI I.S. of the start and end time of work for each employee.

Atermon Systems, with a specialized experience of 27 years in the Time & Atttendance systems and having one of the largest installed databases of Time & Attendance systems in businesses of all sizes and sectors in Greece, implemented and integrated the new functionalities in its software in order to be able to fully comply with the requirements for sending data to the ERGANI I.S.

Our specialized and experienced consultants are ready to inform our existing clients about the actions required for the interconnection of their time & attendance system to ERGANI I.S., as well as any company that would like to receive information on our solutions in order to be able to respond in time to the new requirements.