RFID Hotel Safes. Through use of a card or mobile phone

Safes with RFID technology integrating infrared technology, allowing the user to open the safe using the special RFID entry card or a mobile phone that supports NFC technology.


The trend in cutting-edge security systems worldwide is for infrared Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to be utilized even in safes.

As a pioneer of this new market trend, VingCard-Elsafe presents the Infinity II safe now incorporating RFID technology with built-in infrared technology, allowing safes to be opened with a special RFID access card, or using a mobile phone that supports NFC technology.

The elegant Sentinel II safes now also come with RFID technology integrated. This newsentinel_rfid_300_dpi anti-cloning technology prevents safes being opened by unauthorized persons, by making the use of an RFID card or mobile phone compatible with NFC technology essential.

Digital Safes. Reliability and total safety

Advanced digital technology comprising a theft-proof mechanism and easy-to-use battery switch system, coupled with the reliability that is synonymous with the name VingCard-Elsafe.

When it comes to safety of client belongings, Elsafe is the first choice of hotel proprietors worldwide. Elsafe’s series Xtra II safes combine advanced security and affordability. The series includes four models in total, all with an elegant, classic design, with advanced digital electronic characteristics, solid steel construction and flexible battery changing mechanisms, anti-tamper labyrinths, flash memory, LED display and the reliability guaranteed by Elsafe’s long experience in the industry.

Xtra II series includes the top-quality “audit trail” system and a user-friendly SafeLink Elsafe control. All models are designed to suit both the hotel’s budget and style.


VingCard-Elsafe’s Infinity II safes are ergonomically designed and have a superb finish. They stand out for the maximum level of security they provide. Infinity safes are built to top spec of heavy-duty steel, making them resilient even under the most difficult conditions, so that they never need to be replaced. In addition, it’s a routine exercise to upgrade their software as the actual body of the safe is not affected by this process.

Infinity II safes are the most recent version of this model and come with a choice of fronts giving users a keypad or a magnetic card access.

Sentinel II safes are a cost-effective solution that lacks nothing sentinel_digital_300_dpiin terms of security and overall quality. Using either a smart key (in the form of a magnetic card) or a high-tech digital keypad, Sentinel II safes are a true revolution in the safes’ industry.

Sentinel II safes are a follow-on to the original Sentinel range of safes. Externally they resemble the Infinity range but are a more affordable solution that still offers the essential level of security, since they incorporate VingCard-Elsafe’s unparalleled know-how.


As a real innovator when it comes to the technology and design of secure safes, VingCard-Elsafe has recently launched the Xtra II range of safes, offering a series of choices which are great value for money while still guaranteeing unparalleled security and quality. Designed bearing in mind the various needs that a hotel has, the company developed a series of alternative options such as safes built into the wall, drawer safes and floor safes.

The Xtra II range is state-of-the-art, with a modern design, cutting-edge digital technology, a theft-proof mechanism and easy-to-use battery switch system, coupled with the reliability that is synonymous with the name VingCard-Elsafe. In addition, it allows the hotel to monitor every time safes are opened and closed using a tracking system, ensuring full control and allowing both guests and the hotel to rest assured that their valuables are safe.

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